What size are the photo prints?

The photos are printed in three standard sizes of 18x12, 12x8 and 6x4 inches.

If I buy a digital copy of a photo, can I use it as I please?

Yes you can. Once you purchase the digital copy, the Red Photos watermark will be removed upon receiving the file and you can use the file as you please thereafter. 

Do I need an account?

Yes you do. This allows us to track all aspects of an order including payment, customer contact details and delivery details.

I have forgotten my previous account details, where can I find them?

Please contact us on 03 5221 4408 or send us an email to redvision@adcellgroup.com.au

My photo print/s have not arrived yet, how can I locate them?

If you placed an order over two weeks ago please contact us on 03 5221 4408. If you order has been placed less than two weeks ago, the order will be in the process of being delivered by registered Aus Post.

The image I am searching for is not there?

We may not have been contracted to photograph the images you are searching for. Please contact your league or club to ascertain if Red Photos / Adcell Group were contracted to photograph the event or day in question.

There is a spelling error on my team photo, can it be changed before I purchase?

Yes it can. All text content for photos is supplied by our clients. Please contact us on 03 5221 4408 and we will happily correct any misspelt player, coach or official name.

Can my club book Red Photos to photograph our team photo day or match?

We would love to photograph for you. Please contact us on 03 5221 4408 to arrange a quote or more information.

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